Roof Pros: Professional Work with a Personal Touch

Since 1999, Roof Pros has been repairing and installing shingle and metal roofing throughout Kanawha and Putnam counties in West Virginia. We work with businesses as well as homeowners. Our work has the long-lasting quality that you need for the brutal extremes of West Virginia’s seasons. Call Roof Pros today at (304) 437-1971 if it is time to take another look at your roof.

Why You Need a Roof from Roof Pros

One word: Comfort. A strong, professionally-installed shingle or metal roof makes your home more comfortable immediately. Not only are you more protected from the weather, a well-made roof can lower your energy bills. In the long run, your new roof will pay for itself.

Most homeowners do not think too deeply about their attic. For many of us, it is just a place to put off-season clothes and holiday decorations that we are not using. However, the conditions of your attic affect the conditions of your entire home.

A Hot Attic Means Give Roof Pros a Call

During the summer, the temperature in your attic can exceed 160 degrees. That is because heat rises, and all of the heat in your home collects in your attic. That heat has to go somewhere, leading it through the roof, prematurely aging your roofing material. Heat can also damage your roof structure, siding, paint, or wallpaper. You will also see an increase in your cooling bills.

Roof Pros Has the Solution

Roof Pros can solve all of these problems by installing proper attic ventilation systems, including soffit vents which allow cooler air to enter the home and a ridge vent which allows hot air to escape through the peak of your roof. Because heat rises, this method of attic ventilation is natural and requires no energy to function. Nine out of ten homes do not have adequate attic ventilation. Do not let your home be one of them. Call Roof Pros today.

Rubber Roofing: An Affordable Alternative

Rubber roofing is not new, but the benefits for you, the property owner, may be. Rubber roofing looks like slate shingles, but because of its material, it is easier to work with for the roofing crew, and lighter to handle. This means that the labor time is cut down, leading to a smaller cost for repairs or replacement roofing. At Roof Pros, we know that property owners have many questions when it comes to roofing. Call or message us to find out which roofing option is best for you and your budget.