Metal Roofing

in the kanawha valley, wv

Protect Your Property with a Metal Roof from Roof Pros

A metal roof from Roof Pros is a durable, attractive option if you need a new roof. Metal roofing is energy efficient and lasts for years. Roof Pros can work with you to determine which type of metal roof is the correct one for your property. Call us at (304) 437-1971 to discuss your metal roofing options with one of our experts.

Benefits to Metal Roofing from Roof Pros

Metal roofing materials are extremely durable, and can stand up to repeated severe weather events, such as storms or hail.

Metal roofing can last for decades in many cases, at least twice as long as other types of roofing.

Metal roofing weighs less than shingles.

Energy Benefits:
Metal roofing is more energy efficient, especially if treated with reflective paint, which can lead to smaller energy bills.

Cost Effectiveness:
When looking at upfront costs, shingles are less expensive than metal roofing. However, since metal roofs have a longer lifespan, there is less money put into re-roofing over time.

Severe Weather Performance:
Metal roofs are tested in extreme weather conditions, so you know that they can stand up to the brutal summers and harsh winters of West Virginia.

Color and Beauty Options:
The sky is truly the limit when it comes to the options for colors and effects of metal roofing. If it can be painted onto metal, it can be on your roof.

Questions to Consider When Deciding on a Shingle Vs. Metal Roof

1. How much money am I comfortable spending on a roof?

2. How important to me is using recycled or recyclable material?

3. Do I want a bright vibrant color, or a muted tone?

4. Does my Home Owners Association restrict some roofing types?

Common Metal Roofing Myths

MYTH: Lightning is attracted to metal roofing.
TRUTH: Contrary to popular belief, lightning is not attracted to metal. Instead, it is attracted to height. If you are concerned about your metal roof, a lightning rod on your house may be the solution. One other thing to consider is that metal roofs are non-combustible, meaning that they will not catch fire if struck by lightning.

MYTH: Metal roofs are noisy during storms.
TRUTH: No more than any other roofing material. Ask your Roof Pros technician how you can reduce any noise caused by your metal roof.

MYTH: Metal roofs are dented easily.
TRUTH: Only if you have the wrong kind. Ask your Roof Pros technician about which type of metal roofing is best for your specific needs.

MYTH: Metal roofing traps heat in the summer months.
TRUTH: Modern metal roofing releases absorbed heat quickly, and return to their regular temperature quickly. Metal roofing panels are also reflective, so that less heat is absorbed overall. If you are still concerned about this aspect of metal roofing, ask your Roof Pros technician about installing soffit vents to allow cooler air into your structure.

Less roofing companies install metal roofing than shingle roofing. Since Roof Pros does both, we are your best bet for every kind of roofing need.